Welcome to the official site of Debra Ann Holder, Small Business Coach and Business Developer. This site is intended to provide support to serious small business and home based business owners–the fastest growing sectors of the world economy.

So many individuals have found the NEED to work from home either as a full time source of income or to supplement a full time job or business. Technology has fueled the growth in this sector as the tools to efficiently operate a business from home are widely accessible and generally affordable.

With the rapid change in technology comes the need for TRAINING. Whether you have been out of the work force for several years or a seasoned professional, admit it…there’s always something you stumble upon online that you simply don’t get! Then there are those repetitive tasks which you know you can shortcut but don’t know how.

The goal here is to provide essential training wherever possible or provide a reliable resource link  for the answer. After all, technology is supposed to simplify and enrich our quality of life.

Secondly, doing business in today’s economy is not the same as the past 50 years. We’ve entered a new era where consumer behaviour has changed therefore businesses owners must market their products/ services differently. We train and encourage our clients and partners first by gaining an understanding of your individual needs; then, using  a replicable system that industry leaders have designed we teach you how to grow your own business.

Whether you are building a network marketing business, an online business  or a traditional brick and mortar business, strong systems are necessary for success today. Time is money…. Customers buy based on value and relationships.

Visit regularly as the depth and substance of resources will rapidly grow.